A Life of Eternal Impact

Highlands College

Grow exists to help churches break growth barriers that leaders encounter on their journey to reach more people. Churches can and should only grow at the pace of their leaders’ growth. That need is what birthed the vision of Highlands College. Founded in 2011, Highlands College is designed to fulfill Jesus’s charge in Luke 10:2:


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”


To put it simply, Highlands College was built for you - where leaders are holistically developed with the spiritual depth and hands-on training they need to be able to plug into your team and make an impact from day one. 

Ways to Partner

1. Hire HC graduates.

If you’ve been searching for someone with the experience needed to fill a vital role on your team, our dedicated Ministry Placement team would love to help you make connections with the students we’re training.

2. Send us your students.

Because of your leadership, you have students in your church that have a world-changing call of God on their lives. We’d love to partner with you to develop that potential inside them over two years, then send them out to make an eternal impact - possibly even on your team.

3. Scholarship a student.

The vision of Highlands College is to launch ministry leaders - debt-free - into the harvest field. If you would like to invest in that future, we have three tangible ways you can do that. Through your missions giving, you can contribute to a general scholarship fund - called the Maxwell Fund. You can also fund an annual scholarship for a student, or you can endow a seat which will provide a named tuition scholarship to one student annually, in perpetuity. The endowed seat may be named for your church and awarded to a student from your church.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Eternal Impact Campaign?

At Highlands College, we believe in launching ministry leaders, debt-free, into the harvest field. The Eternal Impact Campaign was created as a way to accomplish this vision. This multi-phased, comprehensive campaign has two priorities: transform the current Church of the Highlands Grandview campus into the new Highlands College campus and fund 1000 Endowed Student Scholarships. We are currently in Phase I with the goals being to remodel the existing Grandview facility and fund 500 endowed tuition scholarships.

2. Can my church fund an Endowed Student Scholarship at Highlands College?

Yes! When your church funds an Endowed Student Scholarship at Highlands College, you will have the opportunity to send a student from your church to receive that funded tuition scholarship.

3. Who benefits from gifts made to Highlands College?

Current and incoming students receive anonymous scholarships through contributions made to the Maxwell Circle. Future students will benefit from contributions made to the Eternal Impact Campaign, which will help to fund scholarships until Jesus comes back.

4. How can I give?

1. If you would like to invest in the Eternal Impact Campaign, we have some tangible ways you can do that. Through your missions giving, you can contribute to a general scholarship fund which is called The Maxwell Circle. You can fund an annual scholarship for a student, or you can endow a seat which will fund tuition for one student annually, in perpetuity. You can also make an unrestricted gift to the campaign, and your contributions will be used to fund the overall vision of the college.

2. Online contributions:  http://highlandscollege.com/giving

3. Mailing address for checks: Highlands College, attn CAMPAIGN, 1700 Lee Branch Lane, Birmingham, AL 35242

4. If you would like to give now, please visit http://highlandscollege.com/giving to make a donation.

5. What if I have more questions about the Eternal Impact Campaign?

Please email campaign@highlandscollege.com if you have any questions.


1. How do I post available jobs?

Our online job board, myIMPACT, gives you the ability to create an employer account for your church and post your available opportunity in front of Highlands College students and graduates. Sign up and post your job positions here.

2. Are there networking events where I can meet Highlands College students/graduates?

Yes! We host Virtual Hiring Events that allow you to schedule meetings with students and graduates that may be a good fit for your open position. Sign up to receive communication about the next one here.

3. If a student from my church attends Highlands College, can I hire them after graduation?

Yes! A number of our graduates return to their home church after receiving training at Highlands College.

4. Who can I contact if I have questions about the hiring process?


1. Who do I contact if I have a student interested in Highlands College?

We’d be happy to have a personal interest meeting with your student. Please schedule your meeting with our Recruiting Coordinator, Hamid Al-Dlaigan, at https://calendly.com/hamidal.

2. What’s the best way to introduce my student to Highlands College?

We’ve created a series of videos highlighting each component of Highlands College. Click here to watch the Traditional Program Snapshot on YouTube.

3. Can my student visit Highlands College?

Yes! We would love your student and their family to join us for Preview Day. This full-day event provides students and their parents a full overview of the Traditional Program where they get to attend a chapel, visit housing, and speak to staff and students. Please visit highlandscollege.com/visit/preview-day for upcoming Preview Day dates.

4. What if my student is unavailable on a Preview Day date? Is there an alternative solution?

Although we recommend Preview Days for the best Highlands College overview, we also offer campus visits where students will tour the campus with a staff member. To request a campus visit, please go to highlandscollege.com/visit/campus-visit.

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Ministry Conversation Guide

Help your student leaders decide if pursuing full-time ministry is the right decision.

We believe that everyone has a ministry purpose, and some choose to pursue ministry vocationally. While some students may be confident that they want to give their lives to ministry, others may need more guidance to help them explore this career path. The HC Admissions Team has put together a guide to help church leaders facilitate productive conversations with students who are deciding if vocational ministry is right for them. Click the button below to access the Ministry Conversation Guide.